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December 7, 2011

College Survival Tip #1: Flip Flops in Residence

So many are available!I don’t care if you’ve heard it a gazillion times. I don’t care if you hate how they feel. If you are literally about to leave the city and have not bought flip flops, turn around and get to the nearest dollar store. I repeat: DO NOT LEAVE HOME WITHOUT FLIP FLOPS.

I thank God so much for not letting me leave without flip flops (Actually, I thank Mom). It would have been a nightmare. Communal showers are filthy. If you don’t trust me, I can and will take photographs of my floor’s shower’s. Hair everywhere. Grime up the yin yang (don’t touch the shower walls either). I once saw a used pad in there. Just, ew. Why, I don’t even… I don’t think the cleaning staff cleans the the showers regularly either. Mind you, I’m in an all female section. I can’t even begin to imagine what it’s like in the co-ed bathrooms.

The great thing about flip flops is that they have so many uses other than protecting you from foot AIDs. They’re really good for slippers. Maybe they’re not as comfy, but if you need to run down to a house meeting, they’re easy to pull on. You can walk anywhere in them because they’re so easy to slip on out the door. Real easy. They are also very helpful at 6:00 in the morning waking up to a fire alarm. True story. Just pull them on and escape the fire. Don’t be the fool stuck burning in the dorm because you took forever pulling on shoes!

Most importantly, they come in all sorts of colours and designs. Choose whatever you prefer, just make sure they’ll be shower safe. They only cost a few dollars, so don’t be afraid to grab another pair in case your main pair breaks.

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